The founder of the company Dr. Orsolya Barna LLM lawyer, responsible accredited public procurement consultant, compliance and sustainability specialist (EFPA ESG adviser). She has extensive experience in public procurement and compliance on the government, local government and corporate side, author of several green, sustainable public procurement publications and public procurement textbooks. She is also the lead instructor of the public procurement lawyer training at the Deák Ferenc School Of Postgraduate Studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and a regular speaker at the Hungarian Public Procurement Authority’s conferences.

orsolya barna lawyer

Our firm has built an extensive network of experts of other fields, thus able to swiftly and efficiently handle complex professional problems that may reach beyond legal issues for the benefit of our clients.

Our chosen symbol, the dragon, has been an important spiritual creature in both Eastern and Western cultures: it symbolizes perseverance, loyalty, good luck, the power of imagination and the ability to rise above the ordinary. Accordingly, we commit our knowledge and expertise to the service of our clients, offering long-term solutions, even in the most complex legal situations.