Business development and innovation

The future belongs to people who are driven by innovation. Our office regularly cooperates in the development of businesses and start-ups, helps constructing core-compliance systems, and preparing and screening of investments.

After examining the business processes of our clients, our experts prepares a detailed plan, in which we define the strategy to be followed and present the innovation opportunities inherent in the company. Start-ups have great growth potential and business opportunities, but at the same time their operation carries a high risk. 95% of businesses started by ambitious and talented startuppers fail in the early stages, in the first years of operation. There are many reasons for this, and most of them can be eliminated with a thorough legal background.

Let’s look at the 5 most common mistakes a startup can make!

1. Focusing only on the product at the launch phase:

  • failure to seek appropriate legal assistance,
  • improper company form,
  • „do-it-yourself” legal solutions,
  • oral contracts.

Our team of experts will help you choose the right legal structure and draft the necessary contracts, thereby avoiding later legal disputes.


2. Choosing a wrong brand name, failure to protect intellectual property:

Many start-ups are projects started out of passion, where at the beginning they do not think about the right choice of name that will be correct in the long term, and they often fail to protect their intellectual property in time.

Our office protects you from the consequences of trademark infringement and other legal violations, saving the company significant sums of money.


3. Inappropriate customer and supplier contracts:

Inadequately managed, oral agreements are not conducive to long-term successful operation and also represent a high legal risk.

Our office helps to set up the system for customer management, contributes to the screening of suppliers, helps to establish the appropriate contractual conditions and to set up a proper monitoring system as well.


4. Weak data protection strategy:

  • incomplete or inappropriate GDPR documents,
  • lack of data protection incident management.

A weak data protection strategy is often an obstacle in acquiring investors, most venture investors request GDPR documents at the very beginning of the cooperation and the lack of them can result in mistrust of customers and suppliers. Our team is able to quickly and efficiently create GDPR documents suitable for the company’s profile and size.


5. Lacking proper knowledge about competition law:

Lack of basic competition law knowledge,
violations resulting from ignorance.

Atypical, “not committed” legal violations are a serious and new type of challenge for companies’ compliance systems – even in the case of a high level of competitive culture. The exchange of technological information in alliances, various industry initiatives, like crisis cartels, standards, collective transfer of costs, behavior of third parties: hub & spoke cartels, coordination beyond legal horizontal cooperation: joint procurement, consortia, can all carry competition law risks. Our competition law specialists help you avoid these risks by finding legal solutions.

Our clients value our holistic approach, innovative solutions, creativity and commitment. Our network of domestic and international consulting partners helps our customers with customized solutions.