Public procurement

Our law firm is a market leader in the field of Hungarian procurement and public procurement law:

  • more than 20 years of professional experience in all areas of public procurement
  • more than 100 billion HUF worth in successfully conducted public procurement procedures
  • direct experience in purchasing and public procurement legislation
  • specialized legal practice in the development of concession and in-house legal constructions
  • we play a prominent role in university education of public procurement law
  • extensive practice in procurement related to TAO grants
  • experience in conducting international PRAG procedures.

As our field of expertise requires highly specialized knowledge, personal needs, and often involves issues related to trade secrets, we work with a small, selected team in the trusting nature of the client-protector relationship, so we are capable of the flexibility, direct problem solving and personal attention that larger offices cannot provide.

We have excellent experience in government procurement, our clients are ministries, municipalities and offices. Among our bidding customers are foreign companies, Hungarian companies of multinational companies, medium and large Hungarian companies. We also take part in university education, with our cooperation the public procurement law course was established at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, where our colleagues teach several subjects.

In addition to explicit public procurement procedures, our area of expertise is green public procurement (GPP/SPP), in-house and innovation procurement. We have extensive public procurement experience gained on the government, local government and tenderer side.

What we offer to tenderers:

  • full implementation of public procurement procedures, performance of responsible accredited public procurement consultant tasks
  • conducting green public procurement procedures, providing sustainability expertise during the procedure
  • development of a system of sustainability evaluation criteria
  • full implementation of concession procedures
  • conducting proceedings related to national security
  • representation in legal remedy proceedings
  • public procurement planning
  • preparation of public procurement regulations
  • preparation of green public procurement regulations
  • conducting innovation-related public procurements
  • handling compliance issues related to public procurement
  • complete handling of TAO purchases

Both Hungarian and foreign bidders, in addition to the preparation of the bid, we undertake the full management of the administration process, participation in strategic decisions, including the use of anti-competitive practices of the tenderers, preliminary dispute resolution for the sake of legal tendering, and ensuring that a broad we have knowledge of the client’s expectations and strategies. Through our service, I know that legally the bidder cannot be excluded, so winning depends only on the offered price and other evaluation elements.

Given that compliance with Hungarian public procurement regulations and, in any case, bidding in Hungarian pose serious difficulties for non-Hungarian bidders, our specialists are able to provide efficient English/Hungarian assistance to our clients.

In accordance with the previous ones, we undertake for bidders:

  • complete compilation of an offer
  • full management of the bidding process (compilation of bids, additional information, filling in gaps, etc.)
  • Management of the Electronic Public Procurement System (EKR – the electronic interface for bidding in Hungarian).
  • assistance in developing an effective bidding strategy (subcontractor, resource organizational structure, etc.)
  • public procurement consultancy
  • conducting a preliminary dispute settlement procedure
  • legal representation in legal remedy proceedings
  • conducting self-cleaning.

We are one of the few Hungarian law firms that also have knowledge of pharmaceutical law, which is why we are able to handle the sectoral professional aspects of pharmaceutical procurement and medical device procurement in a complex manner. Our office is aware of the international confidentiality and conflict of interest requirements governing the industry, and complies with them.