Industrial property rights and copyright consulting

Today, the value of a company is determined more and more by its protected intellectual property instead of its assets, but this is a very specialized area of law, and in the absence of sufficient expertise, companies and inventors often will be victims of avoidance or abuse.

The Barna Orsolya Law Firm is dedicated to help navigate the rather specialized issues of industrial property protection and intellectual property management. When an individual or a company or even a start-up is faced with these problems for the first time, it is often difficult to identify what needs to be done, to decide what, how and when is protection required, when it is worth entering the market with a product, how can a company owner can be sure that their intellectual property is protected.

What we offer:

  • customized industrial rights protection strategy,
  • determination of the most optimal form of protection,
  • assistance in the optimal form of disclosure,
  • development of a system of confidentiality agreements in order to prevent legal disputes.